About the Author


I’m an unapologetic Advocate for the inherent worth and dignity of every person. As far as I’m concerned, Liberty is my core principle. I believe that everyone should be respected as a unique and responsible individual. This means each of us should be free to live our lives and pursue our interest as we see fit as long as we do no harm to one another.

This is why I’m a heartfelt Unitarian Universalist and a passionate Libertarian. In this world, as diverse as is it, we MUST do a better job of upholding compassion with one another.

We MUST also demand the reduction in the inappropriate interference from the Government which too often makes justice, equity and peace an unattainable dream (or a death sentence) for peaceful and honest people. This is especially the case for all types of minorities, other marginalized groups, and even independent-minded small business owners.

That said, I appreciate speaking to groups and the media about these principles and themes. I’ve given multiple sermons and talks; offering up my thoughts and solutions to the public.


I create and share my stories because I can’t help it. The medium for sharing isn’t that important; that’s why I identify as a Storyteller before a “Writer”. I’m most known for penning poetry, fantasy, contemporary, and paranormal stories whose major characters have diverse genders, cultures, and sexual orientations.

In my daydreams, I see my stories evolving from the pages of fiction books into TV mini-series, movies, Broadway plays, graphic novels, inspired artwork, music, and more. My stories will facilitate compassion in the hearts of others. I want them to reinforce faith in the pursuit of liberty and touch lives. I want to twist stereotypes until there’s nothing left but inclusive acceptance of one another. I also want my stories to be a source of entertainment in someone’s stressful day.

I’ve been told that I’m a versatile writer with the ability to shift gears into multiple genres while all exploring the themes of diversity and multidimensional aspects of love. I’m also recognize for providing deep, unconventional entertainment with stories that linger long after they’ve been read. Feedback like this is deeply encouraging to me. I take a ton of pride in my creative writing. I also know the business of writing is challenging; I appreciate opportunities to help and support other Creatives. Don’t be shy about reaching out! If you’d like me to speak to your creative writing group, book club, or at a conference – I’d be honored to.

Background & Family

When I’m not creating stories, I run a rooming house and home remodeling business with my spouse. I also volunteer in a leadership role as a Board/Trustee member at two different local non-profit organizations. Outside of my creative writing, as an applied sociologist I provided career services for eccentric job seekers, directed human resources and facilitated organization effectiveness. I graduated from Sweet Briar College in 3 years with a degree in Sociology and a minor in Law & Society. I have a M.S. in Organization Development & Strategic Human Resources from Johns Hopkins University’s Carey Business School.

I have two half-Siamese cats, two children, and a beautiful spouse who’s from Guatemala! I was born and raised in the diverse D.C. Metropolitan area, affectionately known as the “DMV”. I live in Silver Spring, Maryland and eat some type of food that has Oreo cookies in it, every day (I love Oreos).

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I really appreciate you taking the time to learn about me and why I write what I do. I am in my element when I’m creating stories, teaching others, and speaking to groups. I look forward to connecting with you some more; please stay in touch!


~ E. Tara Scurry