Angels Wear Orchids

Title: Angels Wear Orchids
Published by: Chysocolla Publishing
Release Date: 2023
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A compilation of poetry and short stories

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Diverse and eccentric, Angels Wear Orchids is the second compilation of poetry and stories from award-winning author, E. Tara Scurry.
Beginning with the authors trademark distinctive prose, the first section of the book includes song lyrics and poetry. The second part includes five stories.

“The Cleaning Lady” follows a Vietnamese immigrant baited into a human trafficking ring when she arrives to interview as a housekeeper. She uses her creativity and courage to stay alive and plan her escape.

In “Three Leaf Clover” a workaholic black woman allows the two men she’s dating to care for her cats when her boss unexpectedly sends her out of the country for work. Leery and resentful of each other, they eventually find more satisfying things to do with each other than share pet-sitting duties. When tragedy strikes this devoted threesome, a silver lining emerges.

“Pimp My Wheelchair” features a conceited wheelchair bound senior citizen and his clique of elderly and disabled friends who terrorize the patrons of Union Station in Washington DC.

“Tomorrow We Die” follows two comrades in arms as they make the most of their lives before facing one more excruciating battle against an opposing army.

In the title story “Angels Wear Orchids”, the lead singer of a Neo-goth rock band falls in love with his sassy and hardworking personal assistant, to everyone’s dismay, including hers. Being an interracial couple is the least of their differences: he’s into scandalous erotic bondage and she wants nothing to do with it. He wants all of her attention and she needs to take care of her family who sacrificed everything to support her success. She believes in what’s Right and he believes in Right Now. Is their relationship worth the effort? Will their feelings leave them no choice but to give in to each other, despite the odds?

Content Rating

Dark Ø Ø Ø
Sunny Ø Ø Ø
Romance Ø Ø Ø
Violence Ø Ø
GSM (Gender and Sexual Minorities) Ø Ø
Culturally Diverse Ø Ø Ø Ø

Tentative release date late 2020/early 2021


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“The other two had bullshit references and the other chic’s reference said she was a stupid bitch and couldn’t do shit. The rest didn’t qualify worth a damn or were just ditzy groupies. So out of these three we got Jena, Sarah, and the black chic.” Bill pulled the three crumpled Polaroid pictures out from his pocket.

“What’s her name again?” Adam asked, raking his fingers through his curly dark hair that rested above his eyebrows. He latched his thumbs into the sides of his tight leather pants.


“The black chic.”

“Oh, uh, Jaisyn.” Bill peered closer at the chicken scratch on the bottom of the third Polaroid. “Jaisyn Morgan”.

“So who’s the lucky lady that gets to be my personal assistant?”

“Lucky lady? That’s why you can’t keep em’ or I got to fire their asses for stealing, being whores, or just being stupid cocky bitches.”

Adam Zeplan grinned smugly at him and shifted his weight to his other black leather and buckled laced foot. His five man rock band had been making it big the last two years and they were literally on a roll. As the lead singer, he was always forgetting things and getting distracted. His manager couldn’t keep an eye on him and set about hiring a personal assistant. They went through 4 girls in one year. This would be the fifth time they went through this process.
“Alright, we got three. Who’s it going to be?”

“Well, as your manager Jena or Sarah could handle it and would be a better fit, but this black chic has the best references and she’s done this kind of shit before.”

“So let’s hire her then, right?”