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About E. Tara Scurry

When I was 6 years old, my family saw my love for storytelling. They gave me the gift of their support and encouragement, which continues to fuel me to this day. As a young reader and into adulthood, my love of reading gave me escape and excitement that helped get me through life’s toughest times. Now, you’ll find me speaking at events, teaching workshops, and helping to inspire others.

About the Books

My eccentric stories break boundaries with dynamic characters, upset stereotypes, and provoke with their sacrilegious tendencies. Relentlessly openhearted, they’re inclusive and progressive. The heart of my writing centers around purpose, destiny, justice, spirituality, family, equity, and the right to love who we choose. They also reflect my open-minded personality and core value of freedom. Do you want poetry and stories that help you break out of the boredom and boundaries of your routine? Great! You’re in the right place.

Latest Blog Post

Evil Has A Purpose

October 8, 2019

When we think things can’t get any worse; they do. Something is brewing all over the world and it’s for a deep, sacred purpose. Those of us closest to God can feel it. I don’t say this to scare anyone, but as a reminder that everything has a purpose; even evil. Know where you stand.…

Books by E. Tara Scurry