Hell’s Lover

Title: Hell’s Lover
Published by: Chrysocolla Publishing
Release Date: TBA
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A Blasphemous Book of Love. War. Forgiveness. Peace

When an Archangel’s world is literally turned upside down after following his abusive lover into Hell during The Rebellion, his lover’s true soul mate, Lucifer, is consumed with fulfilling his destiny to annihilate every flicker of God’s overwhelming power and love.



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Content Rating

Dark Ø Ø Ø Ø
Sunny Ø Ø
Romance Ø Ø Ø Ø
Violence Ø Ø Ø Ø
GSM (Gender and Sexual Minorities) Ø Ø Ø Ø Ø
Culturally Diverse Ø Ø Ø Ø Ø

Tentative Release Date: Late 2020/Early 2021


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“We’ve won. Jesus has been crucified. He’s dying and he’ll be here shortly. He’s ours now. You’ll have a lot to write about tonight.”

“Jesus? How could God let it happen?”

“Let it? It was our doing and our victory.”

“Do you mean to torment him?”

“Satan will give me his keys and I’ll reinforce the prisons and increase security. He’s likely to try one of his fancy tricks. He’ll see to Jesus’ torture if that’s what he means to do. Even some of us down here are afraid of him.”

“Are you?” he whispered.

“Why should I be? He’s no more a son of God than we are. He’s even less so because he came through a penniless mortal chit. He is not made from the pure spirit of God as we are. His human soul makes him weak. He’s on our turf now. He’ll cry in our dungeon like he cried in Gethsethamy, but they’ll be no second death to end his tears.” his hands waved and gestured with passion as he spoke. “Jesus was his chosen one, but you see how God had him tortured! Torture has no place in love and that is why God is flawed, despite his power. Everyone of God’s faithful has been tortured in one way or another. He calls it ‘testing’, but he’s as sadistic and egotistic as his true son, Satan. As all of us down here. Where do you think Satan inherited it from? Where do you think Satan mastered it from? Who was Satan’s teacher of all things? Who is more like God than Satan? God’s every bit of a murder as we are.” His jaw clenched and he slowed his speech, jabbing his own chest with his finger. His eyes had grown dark. “But we don’t deny our truth by speaking of our evil with sweet words. So no, I have no fear of Jesus! With his withered human blood he is less of my brother than the lowest of angels! And if Satan tortures him, he will not tell him he loves him with every switch of the whip! We are the truth and God is the lie.”

Anael swallowed and took in a deep breath. He fought to suppress his urge to argue or speak of things that might anger him, instead he simply said. “I want to see him. See Jesus.”

He threw his head back and laughed. “When he comes then, I’ll take you to see him. But you can not touch him.”


“Just don’t. His soul reeks of God and like dye it sticks into you and doesn’t come off.”