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She has read poetry at Morehouse College, signed books at B. Dalton Booksellers, The Century Limited Inc. and Capitol Bookfest presented by The Washington Post.

Among other radio appearances, she has interviewed with WSLB-AM, Watertown, New York on "The Dick Wilson Show", John Lorine of CNN Radio Network (Atlanta), Thor Tolo of KGNW-AM "Live From Seattle", and Holly Campbell of WCFK-AM Chicago "What Women Can Do".

She was featured and interviewed in a Silver Spring Gazette editorial Young poet catches readers by ‘Storm’ by Monica Hogan, Staff Writer: Learn More

Ebony looks forward to interviews of all kinds in person, by phone, television, radio, blog, or email. She is available to speak with journalists, bloggers, book clubs, podcasters, and conference organizers.


E. Tara Scurry, an award-winning poet and storyteller. You’ll find her speaking at events, teaching workshops, and helping to inspire others. Her eccentric poetry and stories break boundaries with dynamic characters, upset stereotypes with their inclusiveness, and provoke while being relentlessly openhearted. She’s an unapologetic advocate for progressive justice, love, learning and hope. She has two half-Siamese cats, two children, and a spouse. A D.C. Metropolitan area native, she lives in Silver Spring, Maryland.


E. Tara Scurry’s book of poetry and short stories, Storm of Roses, was featured in the Silver Spring Gazette, earned first place in the Poetry Category of the “BEST BOOKS” book awards, and was an award-winning finalist in the poetry category of the “National Indie Excellence” book awards. A clinical sociologist by day, her themes disrupt social norms, upset stereotypes with their inclusiveness, and provoke while being relentlessly openhearted.

She is a graduate of Sweet Briar College, Johns Hopkins University, and Meadville Lombard Theological School. She has read poetry at Morehouse College, signed books at B. Dalton Booksellers, The Century Limited Inc., and Capitol Bookfest.

She has, among other radio appearances, been interviewed on "The Dick Wilson Show”, WSLB-AM, Watertown, New York, with John Lorine of CNN Radio Network (Atlanta), with Thor Tolo of KGNW-AM "Live From Seattle", and Holly Campbell of WCFK-AM Chicago’s show, "What Women Can Do".

She has taught workshops for the Silver Spring Writers Group. She has two published books; others are in process and available for pre-order. Visit her blog at for news, upcoming events, free poetry and stories

Tara Scurry is a bright, new and upcoming author. Storm of Roses is a great balance of internal conflict and reality. This book will make you wrestle with your own beliefs!” – Squire Servance, Staff Editor - Duke Journal of Gender law & Pol

"This book is going to make it to the bathroom. That's where my serious reading is."– Dennis Jr., M.D. Radiologist and Addictions Medicine Specialist

"Your book amazes me. For a young girl you run the gaunt of emotions. Your knowledge of love...which I am an expert in; my marriage was a beautiful one - your simplicity ("Sad Faces"), your depth of feelings throws me as an older person - How did you get there so soon? However, theology, we come from different places. For me, peace comes in life, not death. This pervading thought for me didn't take away from the brilliance of your writing.' – Muriel Rains, Florida

Hi Tara - I just wanted to send you a quick email to tell you how much I enjoyed hearing you recite your work on Sunday night at the Nature Center. I am the wife of Mike Baker - The Blues Man. Both Mike and I enjoyed your reading tremendously! How did you get so wise for such a young woman?

By the way, I have suggested reading your book for my book club’s (Pandora's Book Club) next book selection. We typically meet in the Columbia/Laurel area. Would you ever consider visiting our book club to discuss your work? I could just sit and listen to you read for hours! You are an awesome
writer but I am sure I am not the first to tell you so.

In any event, I wish you much success. Just let me know if you ever have any down time and wish to visit with 6 wonderful, wacky women for a reading!

"They say you can’t judge a book by its cover. With a title like 'Storm of Roses,' it’s hard to tell whether E. Tara Scurry’s first book of poetry is meant to be dark or sunny. But perhaps that’s the point. " - Monica Morgan. Staff Writer, The Gazette

The content of this poetry is strong. The greatest strength of this poetry is the author's ability to take different points of view. She writes poetry where the narrator is a man, a woman, old, young, dead, and alive (as well as other points of view). This supports the author's "theme" of allowing the reader to view life from a different perspective.

The topics covered are far ranging. There are religious poems; love poems, angry poems, as well as poems that make commentary on the nature of social structure...the short stories were very strong as well. The reviewer was surprised at how different they were from each other! This created interest, as the reader wants to keep reading to see what the time, place and theme will be in the next one.

Not every poem appealed to this reviewer, nor did every short story. But some of the poems and some of the short stories really moved the reviewer. This is likely to be the case with most readers of this book."

The iUniverse editor then goes on to highlight specific pieces such as Cream of the Crop and My Undead Lover. When choosing a poem that was representative of the collection as a whole, the reviewer highlighted Dangerous Baby Girl. This is what they had to say about it:
"(Dangerous Baby Girl) was chosen for the critique because it really moved the reviewer. It exemplifies one of the poems that makes a comment on society. This poem was written from thepoint of view of a child molester, and helps the reader to clearly see the dynamic interplay between parental responsibility and the distorted thinking of a molester. This is really brilliant poetry. "

In terms of their overall impression of the book, the iUniverse editor said:

"Overall, I liked this book. The poems were varied and interesting, and some of them were emotionally moving. The same can be said for the short stories.
As mentioned, the greatest strength in your writing is your ability to see inside the minds and hearts of other people, and then to write about it in their point of view. I don't think I've seen this technique before, and I like it a lot. It enables the reader to get a variety of perspectives on the topics covered in the have the talent to effectively use words to convey emotion and thought ...congratulations on this work. It's something to be proud of." - Editorial Evaluation, iUniverse

E. Tara Scurry, has written a book of poetry and short stories that bare her soul to its readers. Ms. Scurry shares her “pain, pleasure, life, death, anger, spirituality, fantasies, and daydreams” with us. These are taken from her “experiences and beliefs or were inspired by things surrounding her.”

Proverbs is one of my favorite books of the Bible. Tara takes her inspiration from Proverbs in the first section of this book. “Have Mercy” is a selection to is as much a prayer as a poem. Tara admits her sinfulness and begs for the Lord’s mercy as she acknowledges His worthiness to forgive. David himself would have been blessed with this reading.

“Night Studies” asks questions that have come to most Christian minds at one time or other, whether we admit it or not. Questions we would all like to ask. Tara, worships the Lord and acknowledges His greatness and yet admits that she does not understand His plan.

In section 2 “Destiny of the Breathing” Ms. Scurry explores love and relationships. I was particularly struck by “Doll”. This poem speaks to a relationship with a man that has discarded her only to move on to another “doll”. “I am a doll Just a toy, turned off My time is over, batteries dead Expiration date, here Now”.

“Clenching Fists” is a collection that speaks to anger. Such as, “Taste Your Own Toxin”. “I want to poison you So you’ll die I want to be the last one you see Before you close your eyes Don’t ask me why Because I won’t tell you I want you to die Full of questions Like my life was With you” Now that’s real anger.

This book expresses raw emotions. Emotions of anger, love, sadness, depression, pain and pleasure abound in this book. Ms. Scurry has a unique way of conveying her thoughts and feelings on paper. I feel that I know her through her poetry. She has touched my life. -Reviewed by Debra Gaynor for Reader Views (7/06)

So many poetry books talk about non-relative things but this book expresses the very essence of life's temptation and the universes controversy. To compose a book like this takes wisdom and understanding of things seen beyond the natural eyes. I am a writer and I can personally relate to almost every situation expressed in this book and if you are a person who looks for answers and finds understanding intriguing then you need to get this book and I promise that you will love the explanations as much as myself and I'm sure as much as the writer too. - Customer Review, Barnes & Noble

E. Tara Scurry wrote several very emotional poems and short stories in this compilation book. Her work is very moving, expressing a wide range of emotions: devotion, adoration, love, frustration, anger, hatred, etc.

The book is divided into seven chapters, each dealing with a different theme. The first theme is spirituality and is composed by poems dedicated to religion. The next five chapters contain poetry dealing with lots of deep emotions and thoughts. The author concludes with a set of short stories with hidden messages.

Although the writing is simple and easy to follow, the author conveys many messages in her work. For example, the poem `The Circle' questions human consumption of meat and how it affects our bodies. As a vegetarian, I was very pleased to read it. I also liked the story `Tattoo' as it deals with how people perceive body art and how it affects us. I found it original that Tara also included a bonus piece which is a story she wrote in first grade.

Overall, the book is insightful, meaningful and very emotional. It is a nice read.

– Customer Review,

In her short life, Scurry manages to reach well beyond her years…Scurry reaches deep inside you with her work…in a way that reflects the good and evil.
—Reginald M. Felton, lobbyist and community activist

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• Growing your author platform before publishing your book
• Why having diversity, inclusion, and LGBTQ themes in fiction make a difference
• How does being a Unitarian Universalist shape your writing?
• What impact does being a Libertarian have on your writing?
• Career management strategies for creative writers

  1. When did you first become interested in being a writer? How did you learn to be one?
  2. What were you doing before you published your first book?
  3. Favorite story you’ve written?
  4. What was your favorite book as a child?
  5. Describe Your Writing Process.
  6. How did you cope with rejection during the querying process?
  7. What were your biggest learning experiences or surprises throughout your publishing journey?
  8. How do you think your experience as a female storyteller of color may be different from those not in your shoes?
  9. Looking back, what do you think you did right that helped you break in?
  10. Is there anything you wish you could do differently?
  11. Best advice you have heard on writing?
  12. Best advice you have heard on Life?
  13. Best advice you have heard on career?
  14. Any advice for aspiring writers?
  15. What’s up next for you?
  16. How can people connect with you?
  17. When did you first discover your desire to write about characters with diverse genders, cultures, and sexual orientations?
  18. What is your prescription for writers suffering from writer’s block?
  19. How do you define “diverse characters”? What does that mean?
  20. You are committed to dismantling stereotypes and empowering minorities of all kinds. What type of work do you do in these communities?

Her personal story and values strongly influence her writing. E. Tara Scurry’s writing and experiences tie into contemporary issues, politics and news. Ask her about:

  • Immigration & Undocumented Workers
    • Her spouse was an undocumented worker for over 10 years
  • Marriage Equality
    • Views includes legalizing polyandry
  • Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness
    • The need to legalize sex work, the emergence of the marijuana industry, personal freedoms
    • She has 10 years’ experience working in 5 federal agencies
    • She serves on the Board of Directors of her local Unitarian Universalist Church
  • Health Care & the Pharmaceutical Industry
    • Both her parents were physicians. She has worked in health care and at the Food and Drug Administration
  • Entrepreneurship
    • She has owned multiple businesses in multiple industries including Real Estate, Wellness/Spa, Construction, and Career Coaching
  • Employment, Jobs, Minimum Wage, Labor Market
    • She serves on the Board of Directors of the Maryland Career Development Association
    • She has over 14 years of experience in career coaching and development, employment issues, and human resource management


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