My life’s purpose is to inspire compassion by advocating for peace, justice, and inclusion through storytelling. If you’re not at least a little open-minded about progressive issues, you probably won’t enjoy my poetry and stories. They include characters with a variety of ethnicities, spiritual beliefs, sexual orientations, gender identities, socio-economic backgrounds, and differently-abled bodied folks to name a few! Regardless of which genre I’m creating in, my stories and poetry are always provoking, eccentric, inclusive, and openhearted.

As a young reader and into adulthood, my love of reading gave me escape and excitement that helped get me through life’s toughest times. After being exposed to others’ suffering through television and film, an unrelenting desire to advocate sparked within me. I became a Libertarian, believing in each person’s right to engage in any activity that is peaceful and honest while welcoming the diversity that freedom brings. My perspective on social inclusivity where differences are respected play a huge role in my stories.

My book, Storm of Roses earned first place in the Poetry Category of the “BEST BOOKS” book awards and was an award-winning finalist in the poetry category of the “National Indie Excellence” book awards. I’ve been gratefully adding joy and thought-provoking experiences to my readers lives for over 3 decades; most of which was before I was formally published.

Readers have said the sacrilegious tendencies of my poetry and stories make them wrestle with their own beliefs. They have also said, “her work is very moving, expressing a wide range of emotions”, “tranquil yet disarming all at the while thought provoking”, and “this book expresses raw emotions…she has touched my life.”

One of my favorite letters was from an inmate serving 15 years in the Federal Correctional Institution in Gilmer, West Virginia. He wrote, “My blood brother Ko Ko kidnaps your book every single night, aint that a b—-, your book is gold in here. It brightens up everybody’s day who reads it. I know when I’m pissed off I read your book and it brings me in another world, I basically escape prison for a little while.”

As a Speaker, I’m an unapologetic advocate for justice and compassion. I’ve spoken at progressive places of worship and retreats. I’m happy to speak with college clubs, professional associations, special interest groups, and non-profits. I also appreciate opportunities to support other creatives via book clubs, conferences, podcasts, and more.

As a Storyteller, I create and share my stories because I’m convinced they help people. Readers know that getting lost in a book can be a reprieve from a stressful day or an escape from life’s disappointments. I’m fascinated by research from cognitive neuropsychologist Dr. David Lewis’s that shows reading silently for only six minutes works 68% better for relaxation than other proven methods such as listening to music, going for a walk, or sipping a cup of tea. He also found that regularly reading just a bit more than that — only 30 minutes a day—has been shown to add two years to our lives! That said, I like to think that my stories help people live longer and healthier lives. AKA Live Longer & Prosper!

Thank you for learning more about me. Your support means a lot and I appreciate it! Please subscribe and comment on my blog at and connect with me on


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