The Untamed King

Book 1: Tales of Earthenstone


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Amaron VelKoina: The rugged and bold specimen accidentally killed a peer with one punch to the heart. He prospered in fighting arts, hunting, problem-solving, and the broad sword. Both feared and desired. As a young man in waiting, he had been kept chaste from women and prepared for becoming a King to a powerful Queen.

Queens of the Realm waited impatiently for him to be presented. Finally, after five years past due, he was formally presented to high society, pronouncing him as a young man ready for marriage. Close to his deaf mother, she let him procrastinate on marriage until enough was enough. Quickly enough, after formal courtship, his mother chose a perfect fit for her beloved eldest son, Queen Xerah IV of Earthenstone.

As Xerah’s first husband, he had given her sons and none of the daughters she needed as heirs. It was common for Queens to take multiple husbands, so when Xerah took three more, after their years of marriage, Amaron bit his tongue and held his head high.

Yet, there was something strange about one of the new men in the palace. He was hiding something under those delicate features and soft voice. What sort of man was not excited about becoming a King? Xerah must have chosen him for his kitchen mastery and nothing more; it was obvious he was of the more...delicate and gentle type of men, not good for much else, like the breeding of daughters. He failed miserably at trying not to stare at Amaron’s chiseled body. This was amusing. Could prove quite interesting considering Amaron was not a novice at initiating carnal attention from other men. Yet when Floran was not staring, he seemed dejected, paranoid and lost in thought.

Floran, had no choice: Run away or leave her mourning and vulnerable father. She couldn’t leave him. Ever. Instead, she dressed as a young man to evade creditors until she could earn her way out of her family’s’ debt. Life took a dangerous turn when she was meticulously chosen for her kitchen mastery skills as one of the three new husbands of Queen Xerah IV of Earthenstone.

Can Floran keep her identity a secret forever or tell it without being killed for deceiving the entire realm? Only when secrets are revealed and love distorts logic can Amaron fulfill his destiny.


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