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Sacred Creativity + Inspiration

Succeeding on Purpose for my Readers

“Successful people are not gifted; they just work hard, then succeed on purpose.” – G.K. Nielson Why would you leave your life-goals to chance? Being a passive bystander to your career isn’t likely to help make your goals come true. I don’t even know if it would be accurate to say I’m a gifted storyteller.…

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Creating Is A Sacred Task

I’ve always been committed to publishing my long awaited first novel. I feel absolutely awesome because now I’ve finally created the time to push things forward. Saying there’s “no time” to do what you’re passionate about it just an excuse. How you spend your time is a choice. On Twitter, one of the favorite questions…

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What Is The Best Medium For Storytelling?

Writer’s Digest published What a Novel Can Do That Film and TV Can’t that’s somewhat one-sided towards novels in terms of being the best medium for storytelling. Yes, Novels offer a ton more flexibility, but film has some pretty powerful benefits too. As a storyteller, my stories are currently in book form. Why? Because I’m…

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Clues Into Your Purpose and What Brings You To Life

When it’s so cold outside, it’s a perfect day to stay inside and write! My perfect day involves double stuffed Oreo cookies, family, books, stories, movies, and some sort of outreach that helps people. Think about your perfect day. What does a “perfect” day look like to you? When you’re aware of what your perfect…

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For Every Excuse, There’s A Solution to Get Through

The royal newlyweds look so happy! If I was married to royalty and didn’t have to worry about finances; guess what I would do most of the day…. ::hint-hint create awesome stories!:: Thankfully, no one has to wait for a rich partner in order to afford to do the Work they love. Yes, I know…

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