What Is The Best Medium For Storytelling?

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Writer’s Digest published What a Novel Can Do That Film and TV Can’t that’s somewhat one-sided towards novels in terms of being the best medium for storytelling. Yes, Novels offer a ton more flexibility, but film has some pretty powerful benefits too.

As a storyteller, my stories are currently in book form. Why? Because I’m limited to my current resources at the moment. Ideally my stories are best experienced across multiple mediums – the written word, spoken word, film, dramatic play, illustration, and music.

It’s all good – we will get there together! In the meantime, I’ll continue to share my stories with the world, in whatever medium is at my disposal. I do believe that the best medium for storytelling depends on the story, the intended purpose the creator has for the story, and the intended audience. In some cases, the best medium will not only be one.

Some stories actually need to be told through different mediums so that it can be better shared and experienced in multiple ways. The best way will be to tell and share your story in the way that connects your sacred creativity and honors those you’re aiming to serve and that support you.

One day I will tour across the United States. I’m not talking about some old fashion bookstore tour. There will be some of that, but I’m talking about something more like a music tour – with audio, visual, and dramatic experiences for my fans like they’ve never seen before. I’ll revolutionize the way authors tour and fans experience their favorite stories.

A book to film is fantastic, and there are lots of wonderful mediums in between. You’ll see.


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