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Archive for July 2018

How White Our Reading World Really Is

“We no longer live in a time when marginalized people are voiceless. Instead we have the opportunity to ensure that those voices are amplified. People of all cultures and backgrounds have valuable experiences and universal ideas to share, and we all stand to gain when those voices are heard.” This was a fascinating article, “I…

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What are the best ways to market self-published books?

Read E Tara Scurry‘s answer to What are the best ways to market self-published books? on Quora           Thank you for visiting my blog. Your support means so much to me! The very best ways to support me are: Join my VIP List! You’ll receive freebies, special offers, free books, updates…

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Storm of Roses Gets A Facelift

I published Storm of Roses back in 2006. This year I’m giving my debut a facelift, which includes a new cover. I’m Sooo excited! The new cover will be more epic and powerful. Truly demonstrating the depth of its contents. I really like my current cover; but I’m going to love the new one. The…

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