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Google Calendar for Productivity & Organizing

When I started my first job out of college, my employer sent me to a Steven Covey class on personal organizing. We learned how to make a To-Do list, then prioritize that list into A, B, C and so on groups. I’ve followed that method for over 10 years with varying levels of “success”. Desperate…

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Planner or Pantser?

In the beginning I didn’t outline and I wrote in one document in sequence. But when I tried to finish a project, it was confusing and challenging because of editing. Now, I outline and use Scrivener to separate my stories by scene. Easier to both plan and to edit. I write best when I write…

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Breaking Ground On My New Website

August has been one of the best months of the year so far. We’ve finally broke ground on my new web site. Plus, the designers are working hard on my book covers. It has taken me what seemed to be months to outline and create the content and atmosphere of my website. It’s like having…

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How White Our Reading World Really Is

“We no longer live in a time when marginalized people are voiceless. Instead we have the opportunity to ensure that those voices are amplified. People of all cultures and backgrounds have valuable experiences and universal ideas to share, and we all stand to gain when those voices are heard.” This was a fascinating article, “I…

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