When I started my first job out of college, my employer sent me to a Steven Covey class on personal organizing. We learned how to make a To-Do list, then prioritize that list into A, B, C and so on groups. I’ve followed that method for over 10 years with varying levels of “success”.

Desperate for a better way, I researched productivity and how to better organize oneself. I’ve discovered “Google Calendar”.  I can take my list and actually set realistic time frames to schedule the project; it’s awesome.

I also appreciate the “task” feature and how I can group multiple tasks under different categories.

I can color coat specific projects and easily adjust the times if I need do. The ability to see my progress over the day, week, and the month once I get to that point – is refreshing. I’m pulled in multiple directions every day; I’m sure you know the feeling!

I’ve only been doing all of this for a week but it has made a HUGE difference. I really think I’ve finally found what I’ve been craving!

How do you organize yourself and stay productive in reaching your goals? Please do share!


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