For Every Excuse, There’s A Solution to Get Through

The royal newlyweds look so happy! If I was married to royalty and didn’t have to worry about finances; guess what I would do most of the day…. ::hint-hint create awesome stories!::

Thankfully, no one has to wait for a rich partner in order to afford to do the Work they love. Yes, I know it’s not just about money – it’s about time too! I have heard some writers who, in order to find time to write a book –get accepted into a graduate writing program. Student loans pay their bills while they use the time to work on publishing their books.

I call it Work, and I also call it Passion. The biggest lie I ever told myself about my story making is that “I don’t have time”.

Why did I not have time to write? Well, because I spent most of my time working to earn money to live and take care of myself. When I wasn’t working, I used my extra time to enjoy my family and friends. In other words, I had the time – I just chose to spend it not writing down my stories. It’s all about prioritizing and deciding if you want to make excuses or not.

I could have reduced my living expenses by moving into a rooming house instead of my beautiful and spacious condo. I could have reduced my time with friends and family. Options aren’t always ideal, but options are options.

At the end of the day, for every excuse there’s a solution to get through it. Some solutions are less difficult than others.

The end goal; the vision – has to be strong enough to make it worth it.


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