How Standard Networking Kills a Career and Serving Others is a Better Way For Connecting

I just read an article by Mark H. Maxwell, author of Networking Kills: Success Through Serving that really moved me. It was so enlightening and well-written. I’ve heard many of the concepts before, but his unique slant on them was impressive.

He shares how he went to a music festival to find clients and left without achieving his goal. He says, “On reflection, I realized I missed so many opportunities to love and serve others that week, because my focus was only on me, my needs, my business, not on the needs, brokenness, and businesses of those with whom I was rubbing shoulders. You see: “I was trying to make myself visible, SERVING is about making ourselves available.” Giving Value Lasts.

As per marketing, he says “Serving gives and attracts while Networking takes and repels. The Best Marketing Plan” for your product or business comes through genuine love, generosity, and care for others. When you build relationships on those themes — without strings attached — you open up a stream of provision that flows both ways.”

Check out his article here, then pick up his book! He also has a great Tedx talk on the topic.

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