Determining a Writing Routine that Works

I make time for my writing like I do for my laundry, I get it done when I can. At least that’s how I use to do things. That was all fine and well until I started to have a HUGE backlog of stories needing to be freed and shared.

My fans have waited long enough and so have I. How many ways can we say Frustrating?!

Thankfully, on May 18th I attended the Gaithersburg book festival. The workshop by Melanie Figg delivered just what I was looking for.

Create a Writing Routine that Works was about realistic expectations and proactively dis-empowering obstacles to writing. We learned how to determine and enforce boundaries and forgive ourselves if we don’t meet our writing goals.

She also talks about this on one of her blog post saying, “Being proactive can ease anxiety. Having a simple plan makes it easier when you need it—and you’ve already made a promise to yourself for what to do with that pothole up ahead on the road.”

One day soon I’ll have my own table at the festival and will teach a workshop of my own! There was a huge playground and plenty of kid friendly activities; I will definitely bring my little ones with me next year.

How do you make time to do those things you’re passionate about? Have you had to enforce boundaries with others to help create the space you need? Tell me your story!

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