Riven, by Roan Parrish (Book Review)

If you prefer “fast food”, quickie type romances – you may find yourself getting impatient with some of the inner monolog, pace, and back and forth. Riven is not an “easy-bake” type of romance where you just add water and go. It feels researched, realistic, and professionally done.

This is one of the many reasons Riven is so distinctive. You’ll appreciate this deep, engrossing story that takes its poetic time in touching you in all the right places. Riven is not a book you can easily shake off after reading.

When I experienced Riven, I was enveloped in the heart, music, and deepest fears of each of its main characters. I was a part of their love. What I enjoyed most was the vivid and rhythmical writing style which gave me a reading experience unlike any other. I wasn’t just passively watching the story unfold as I usually do, I was shoved into it. Forced to feel and not just watch, which at times was uncomfortable and wonderful because it was so raw. It was impossible to keep the story at a distance because Roan Parrish’s use of language lured me in so effectively.

I read tons of books a year, hoping to find that perfectly entertaining and well-written needle in the hay stack. You know, the book with a story so riveting that you throw your other commitments out of the window because you can’t put it down? Some years I find it, others I don’t. Riven didn’t disappoint. I read Riven via audiobook and was shocked at how much I enjoyed it. I’m definitely going to look into what other stories Roan Parrish has up her sleeve.

Riven is part of a three book series. To learn more, visit https://www.roanparrish.com/riven-series 


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