Taking Chances: A M/M Novella Collection by Robin Covington (Book Review)

I want to read stories that have characters I care about, that keep me interested, and have sex scenes that make me want to re-read them over again.

Taking Chances: A M/M Novella Collection by multiple award-winner Robin Covington gives me all of that and more. It takes special skill to create a well told novella that satisfies.

A collection of three M/M novellas, I particularly appreciate that two stories include interracial relationships and have an underlining theme of giving back to one’s community.

The first novella, Ghost – features a reclusive artist who struggles to resist an arrogantly sexy comic publishing business owner who tries to reconnect with him after a one-night stand three years prior.

Shadow Ranch is my favorite. The unique combination of charm, dead bodies, barns, sex, and country dancing was fun to experience. Not only are the main characters real, flawed, and interesting, the supporting cast is well-written.

In Free Agent, Hockey defensemen James “DC” Washington and Physical Therapist Etienne Motz reconsider their priorities as they explore if taking a chance is worth the risk.

Although the Typo Police might scratch their heads here and there, if you can get over that – you won’t be disappointed. All three stories are “sexy fun”.  I’ve read Taking Chances twice, because it’s so entertaining to dive into.

This collection is best for people who want to cuddle up with shorter stories for instant gratification. Though the stories are short, you’ll be left with a long-lasting desire to read more from Robin Covington.

Focusing on “stories about sexy men and women who think they can fool around and not fall in love”, she has a sizzling portfolio of romances you can enjoy. Learn more at https://robincovingtonromance.com/


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