There is so much hatred in our world that we will throw battery acid in the face of a stranger without provocation. Regardless of which “side” you’re on, everyone feel’s they’re the victims. Justice is in the eyes of the beholder.

Forcing girls to bleed through their clothes while on their menses is justified because it will deter other women from seeking asylum or otherwise immigrating to the United States. Not allowing felons who served their time to qualify for food stamps or vote upon their release is justified because they deserve and should live forever with their wrongs. But who is the True victim?

We all are.

No one wins when we’re killing each other. No one wins when we can’t enjoy a family gathering because our loved-ones disagree with us politically. No one wins when we can’t find compassion for those we disagree with because we’re so angry and drenched with hatred.

When I learn about injustices, I’m ashamed of our behavior as a world community. I’m angry at the perpetrators and devastated for those who were harmed. I’m working hard on not responding to what I see as evil; with equal hatred. I believe that if I take a step back and make an effort to look at things from their point of view, I’ll be able to respond to them compassionately – in a way that validates their feelings while still being true to my own.

When we respond without compassion, we’re less likely to be heard. When we’re not listened to – we’re less likely to be effective in changing the other person’s perspective. If you can’t open their mind enough for them to reconsider their stance, then what’s the point of fussing back and forth?

The Dalai Lama says, “Anger and hatred are signs of weakness, while compassion is a sure sign of strength”. I have no doubt of this as it’s easier to be angry and hateful than it is to be compassionate. Being compassionate requires an advanced level of self-control, introspection, and wisdom that is difficult to grow and maintain for most of us, myself included.

I strive to make the world a more loving, inclusive, and compassionate place through my storytelling. Every time I’m able to reject my immediate anger and respond with compassion, I imagine my perspective will be better received. That’s what I want. To plant a seed, albeit small so that it will grow and change their mind and eventually their behavior.

Do you agree that the easiest path isn’t always the right one? What is a topic that triggers your anger that you might try to respond to in a different way going forward? Please let me know and stay in touch!


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