Justice Will Rise Again

These are tough times to live in. Though Justice has stopped, other things must go on. Our children must go to school. We must earn a living. We still get married, without a big wedding. Birthdays and anniversaries come and go – perhaps celebrated in a chat room or live streamed. Life goes on, but it looks and feels different from anything else we’ve experienced before.

Justice is strapped to the hospital bed. We’re doing our best to pump life back into her veins. She’s in a coma; about to red line.

We poise to vote by mail as mailboxes are ripped from the concrete. Like helpless little flowers ripped from dirt. We poise to vote when liberty-focused third-parties get their throats slit. Strangled by our primarily two-funeral…I mean “party” system.

There is so much work to do. Which gash do we doctor first when any one risks our whole country bleeding out to death? We need affordable housing, jobs, safe schools, and politics for the people, not corporations. We need health care professionals to be heard and respected as we discuss next steps during this pandemic. We need truth and information. We have hope.

Let’s keep justice alive, artificial it may be – the machines breathing for her, keeping her heart pumping. Keep Justice alive though she’s not living. Alive until we can implement the cure; so she can breathe and be on her own.

They want to pull the plug, but we won’t let them. We have hope.

Justice; she will rise again. When she does – she will love them so hard; they will destroy themselves with guilt. Drink the poison they crafted so carefully with their own hands. Stay the course and hold down the fort until she’s well. We have hope.


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