Doll: A Poem from Storm of Roses

As published in both Storm of Roses & Spark




I was thrown

Tossed to the side

Glass eyes

I was used

Now I’m lost

Among his other dolls

In my little dress

He could have put me

Back on the shelf neatly

But I was cast back

I’m not even sitting straight

With my legs twisted,

My arm curled under me,

Head hanging to the side

I hate the way I look like this

Lifeless, deprived, worn

It’s obvious to me

I am his doll

I was played with

I am old

He has a new doll

She’s young and beautiful

Her dress isn’t ragged like mine

I am of the old trend

I am an old toy

My parts creak

I kiss dust

Instead of his lips

As the days go by

I’m even less desirable

Dress turning gray

Dirt in my hair

And he doesn’t even care

Why would he or anyone

Ever want to pick me up again?

I am a doll

Just a toy, turned off

My time is over, batteries dead

Expiration date, here


No one will ever touch my hair again

No one will ever make me dance

No one will ever kiss my cheek as he

I am not alone, but I am by myself

On this shelf, away from his heart



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