The Essence of God: A Poem from Storm of Roses

As published in both Storm of Roses & Spark


The Essence of God


The image of God


The uniting of man and woman

Why do we call Him “he”?

You are masculine and feminine

You have a child

You are the holy family

The Father, the Son Jesus, and the Mother Spirit

The Father does not spare us his commands, anger, and punishment

The Son is our friend, speaking and walking with us

The Mother lays her hands on our flesh and gives peace to our souls

The Father


Gives us the rules of his house

He explains and is clear, we

often wish to discount those rules most difficult

especially about tithing and fornication

But there are no excuses for disobedience

He answers our questions with truth and provides for our needs

He is strong, powerful, and jealous

He demands respect and constant praise

He is a warrior, he is a protector

He is King

The Father has a vision of the big picture

He says “No,” “Yes,” and “Not now” out of love

If you rebel, you regret

The Son


Is our friend

He tells us when we are wrong, when we smell, and when

We are dirty

He is pleased with complete honesty

When we are not honest with our symptoms and sins

He knows his advice will mean nothing and withholds

Until we confess

Jesus hears our daily prayers and testifies to the Lord

When you stray from the Father’s house

The Mother sends the Son to go fetch you

Jesus is hurt when you leave his side,

He is your friend who misses and worries about you

He gives you one hundred, then asks for ten back

So that he may give you two hundred, then ask for twenty

When you fight with him, he is the first to forgive

He is your conscience, keeping you from temptation and sin

He does not want you punished

by the Father’s rod or drenched in the Mother’s tears

Your best friend died so that you may live

He sacrificed his life, suffered false witness and torture

So that you may truly know what true friendship is

The Mother


Comforts and gives encouragement when we are weak

When our strength is dead

The Mother never gives up on her children

She is the epitome of forgiveness

The Mother monitors us as we sleep, eat, and play

Nurses us when we are sick or when our flesh is fading with illness

She patches us up when we hurt ourselves

Scolds us when we hurt others, compelling us to apologize or

forgive and

To “say it like we mean it”

The Mother coaxed you back into the Father’s house

when Jesus brought you to His door

when you rebelled and were reluctant with shame

Come back home, child … your Father will forgive you,

He will punish you, because We love you,

He will teach you the way, so you don’t stray,

Come now, I can love you no more and no less,

She is God’s Grace, affirming and giving

She praises us, spoiling us with Blessings we never deserve



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