First Pre-Sale of Hell’s Lover: Celebrating with a New Book Cover!

Since I first posted it years ago, website analytics made clear that Hell’s Lover is the most viewed of my forthcoming books. I’m thrilled and pressured all at the same time. I’m beyond excited to have one of my books sell at this pre-order stage. I’m also marvelously pressured because I need to finish this story and get it in the hands of this reader-in-waiting.

In honor of my very first pre-sale, I’m rewarding Hell’s Lover with a brand new book cover. Hell’s Lover is destine for greatness. This new book cover will be my most expensive splurge to-date, and it’s because this is a celebration. A Celebration of a first success. A celebration of the awesomeness of what is Hell’s Lover.

I have tapped Carlos Quevedo – a highly gifted graphic artist based in Columbia to take on this task. Hell’s Lover is not a delicate fairy tale; it’s an emotionally moving, paranormal dark fantasy that can’t do anything less than shake its readers to their cores. To truly represent the essence of Hell’s Lover, it will need a talent capable of imagining the unimaginable – which makes Carlos Quevedo the perfect person to fulfill this honor. In the photo attached to this post, you’ll see an example of the beautiful work he can do. This one is called “Celestial Warrior Gabriel”. See more here:

I find it interesting that it’s literally my most anticipated story – at least based on how many more views it gets on my website in comparison to my other stories. Hell’s Lover is the most difficult and challenging of my stories to date. It stretches me and makes me question myself.

When I write Hell’s Lover, I tolerate it best when I just let go of any control I think I have – and just write. The less I think about what I’m trying to say and the more I just let the words come to the page, the better. I don’t experience this phenomena with my other stories. I’m still trying to understand why this is the case. This also makes writing this story take longer than usual. And we all know how long it take me to write!

Hell’s Lover does something uncomfortable, scary, and beautiful to me when ever I sit down to get it ready for the world. You don’t have to get ready yet; we still have a ways to go. But when it’s ready; I promise it will be worth the wait.


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