Spark (3 of 11) Into the darkness

I stare at the dirt floor with blurry eyes. I  can’t focus. Blood drips from my face. Is it my nose or my mouth? My stomach aches. Burning. Hurting.

“Who’s been at you, Diana? I’m not going to ask again.”

I try to answer Father, but sharp words catch jagged in my throat. I cough on my own blood, and my throat hurts from him choking me. I blacked out, but that didn’t stop the pain. I can’t see, but I can feel everything. I moan and keep shifting my legs. My whole body trembles.

My life slips away with every drop of blood that clots out of me. When I feel myself slip into the afterlife, I scream in my heart as I fall fast. My baby girl is pressed tightly against my chest; there is no way I’m letting go. Like a stone in a slingshot, something pulls me back before the air pushes out of me, like I have been kicked in the stomach. My baby slips through my fingers and continues to fall. I scream and whimper. Reaching out in vain for my child. I hang there, swinging gently back and forth. My baby falls into the darkness. I can’t see her anymore. It’s as if there is a thin string holding me between the two worlds, not letting go. The thinnest of threads with an unmatched strength that has been waiting for me. Ready to hold me. Refusing to release my soul into the darkness.



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