Jeffrey Epstein: Crime is Worth It – With the Wealth to Afford It

Jeffrey Epstein is a former investment baker and registered sex offender. He raped and facilitated the rape of multiple children for decades. He targeted them. Trafficked and profiting off of their bodies by selling them to his friends.

The evidence gathered by the FBI and through investigative journalism is clear. What’s also clear is that despite Labor Secretary Acosta’s resignation, No one has been meaningfully punished.

How meaningful is Epstein’s 13 month sentence when 6 days a week the he was allowed to work and live his life, pretty much the same as before? If he were poor or middle class, would he have gotten such lenient treatment? Many people who go to jail suffer, along with their families because they lose their jobs. Many have gone prison much longer, without any sort of “work release” for lesser crimes.

During Acosta’s resignation, Trump praised him. He lamented on how sad he was to have him resign. Rest assured the Trump, Epstein and Company will take great care of Acosta for looking out for their own. He will likely earn more money and be more successful in his post resignation career, whatever that may be.

Why isn’t Jeffrey Epstein in jail?

Few have the type of “You can’t touch me” wealth Jeffrey Epstein has. That’s why they call his kind, among other things – the 1%. He rubs shoulders with friends like President Trump where they flew on each others planes and attended the same events. With “You can’t touch me” type of wealth, clearly you can buy and negotiate yourself out of prison.

There is overwhelming evidence of his crimes, so to avoid a major prison sentence, he paid off those of his victims who wouldn’t stay quiet when threatened (For example, Epstein’s private investigator drove one parent of a victim off the road) . When charges were filed, his friend Trump got his Labor Secretary Acosta to give him a plea deal, which many saw was so blatantly inappropriate, it was actually illegal.  Not only did he pay off his victims, he paid money out to some of his accomplices and other witnesses.

Do we have to wonder why he is giving them money or is it obvious? He has something to hide. A lot to hide.

Years later, he’s still trafficking and raping children. Paying his victims to drop charges compensates them, but it does not bring justice.

It leaves predators who have no moral compass free to destroy the lives of others and laugh in the face of fair treatment under the law.

When money and who you know supersedes justice, we don’t just have a problem – we have a travesty. Hell on Earth.

There’s nothing inherently bad about money, let’s make that clear. People work hard. If you get rich while you’re at it – Good! Money is money. The actions you take with your money, is what make the pendulum of ethics swing for better or for worse.

Jeffrey Epstein is the poster child of white male privilege and what I consider “wealth supremacy”. At some point, when the evidence is clear and the crimes so terrible, you just should not be able to buy your way out of it.

As long as many believe those in power (such as our courts who decide to grant bail or work release to people like Epstein) believe that wealthy people are superior to the non-wealthy, especially the particularly vulnerable (minorities, children, etc.) we will rarely have justice.

This is why Money Bail Might Be the Most Racist, Immoral Part of America’s Criminal Injustice System.

Human trafficking for labor, sex, and organs is one of my hot buttons. This type of modern slavery and child abuse disgust me to my core. I’ve seen too many movies and documentaries. I’ve analyzed countless statistics and articles. Despite the available information on this issue, it’s getting worse and more brutal.

The Presidents daughter, Ivanka has spoken against Human Trafficking, however its difficult to take that for anything more than face value. When her father, who’s she’s so close to continues to appear to actively benefit from it while dismantle protections for victims.

In order to help shake some of the emotions off, I wrote a short story, The Cleaning Lady.

Its one of the stories in my 2nd compilation of poetry and short stories, Angels Wear Orchids. The Cleaning Lady follows a Vietnamese immigrant baited into a human trafficking ring when she arrives to interview as a housekeeper. She uses her creativity and courage to stay alive and plan her escape.

Unlike many of the movies about trafficking, this story focuses on the daily life of the victim, not some “savior” coming to recue her.

Despite her circumstances, she continues to insist she’s there for “cleaning work, not sex work”, and eventually gets her way. It’s a no holds barred match between the innocent and powerful that’s dark, real, devastating, and redemptive in same overpowering moment. I hope my story helps raise awareness and support solutions that save lives.


”It’s marginalized people…its a crime of power and privilege and entitlement.”
Sold in America: The Buyers


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