Be Unafraid, Have A Good Time and Make Yourself Happy

There is so much we can learn from model Aaron Philip.

I appreciate her perspective as she explains in the article,

Aaron Philip: The trans, disabled model taking on a $2-trillion industry by Oscar Holland of CNN Fashion.

Credit: Bryan Whitley

“I just want to do me, and do me unafraid…I want to have a good time all the time and continue keeping people on their toes, but most importantly, make myself happy.”

How can you not feel where she’s coming from? I can relate.

There are hordes naysayers and dream-busters. Every time you take a step, they trip you up because they are so shallow of humanity that they have nothing better to do with their time. They get their kicks from hurting you. Alternatively, they can momentarily forget about their own pain by inflicting it on others. It’s like drugs. You know its wrong, but you can’t help it. Sadist and narcissists have a disease of the heart and soul.

When people like that try to drag you down:

  1. Notice it. Don’t make excuses for them. Don’t stick your head under the sand. Be aware and don’t ignore the obvious.
  2. Kick them off. Be firm and leave no doubt about what you want. Don’t tolerate their presence. Don’t waddle. Make your decision and stay true.
  3. Get the hell away. Fast and far. You’ll gain nothing from being around negative, soulless people like this. You need all the energy, emotional strength, and grit to fulfill your purpose on this earth. Only at your best can you help others and make yourself happy in the process.

This is *your* life.

You career is a big part of it. You family. Your friends. Your hobbies. Your furry companions. Your soul – all of which is more than worth fighting for. There’s no reason to give up on yourself. The whole world is waiting for you to share your natural gifts and passion. That’s only possible when you haven’t given all you energy to the naysayers. They don’t deserve any of your time or attention.

You have better things to do, a world to contribute to,  and happiness to accomplish.


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